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 Dead Legacy

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Dead Legacy was founded in 2010 in Manchester, UK by two brothers, Dan and Nick, who took the bold step away from their finance careers and invested voluntary redundancy money into a small fashion business.

By 2014 the business has evolved from a simple t-shirt company into a global brand which is now stocked in over 250 stores worldwide.

Dead Legacy specialises in superior quality t-shirts and sweats and has recently released their ‘Dead Legacy: Premium’ sub-brand to meet the demand for an extended range.

We have a strong portfolio of celebrity clientele reflecting the superior fit, quality and distinctiveness of our garments. Check them out here.

Dead Legacy: Ethics

All Dead Legacy products are sourced from trusted suppliers in western europe. This is because we believe in workers being paid a fair wage and have a zero tolerance policy towards child labour.

We also like to support causes close to our hearts and give back wherever possible. We donate profits of selected t-shirts to:

Help for Heroes, the LJS Foundation and the official Movember charity.

To view the t-shirts and support the charities please visit our #MakeADifference page.

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